Economy Perpetual Award Plaque

Economy Perpetual Plaque
Economy Perpetual Plaque
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Number of Plates:  Company Logo:  Brass Color:  Line One on Main Header Plate- Award Name: Line Two on Main Header Plate: Line Three on Main Header: Tag Line One: Tag Line Two:

Product Description

Economy Perpetual Award Plaques are a cost effective way to recognize and appreciate someone. Perpetual Plaques also keep a history for your company, club, or organization. Plaque includes engraving of the main header plate and the first award tag. Each addtitional tag is $5.00 each includes shipping. No more removing metal tags mailing them in and waiting for them to arrive and re-attach. The individual tags will come with double sided tape just stick and you are done (tape is super sticky and won't come off). Individual tags include 2 lines of text traditionally persons name and date.

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