Scrabble Style Letters for your wall.

Wall Scrabble Style Letter Tiles
Wall Scrabble Style Letter Tiles
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Wall Scrabble Style Letter Tiles
Our oversize scrabble style letter tiles are a super FUN way to decorate your home and your life. As your family grows you can ad more letters just like the game. The tiles are 3.25" square, they are 3/16 of an inch thick (almost 1/4"). We laser engrave or laser burn the letters into the wood. The letters will never wash off or fall off. Letters can be ordered in our lighter Birch wood or the darker Cherry wood. Both are beautiful and will be hard to choose from. Might be fun to mix and match. The sky is the limit.

How to order: First decide what words you want and how you want the layout of the words. We will help you with that or you can do it on your own. We use online crossword puzzle makers there are lots of them and they are free to use. It will change the layout for you so you can see your options. Then simply tell us how many of each letter you need. If you need help with this you can email the list of words and we will email you some examples. Doing it this way saves you from buying letters that you don't need. Where the words cross that is a letter you don't need to duplicate. The only thing left for you to do is tell us which letters you need. We will make them and ship them out right away.

Letters are $3.50 each. When you order 50 or more the price goes down to $3.00 per letter. When you order $100 or more in letter tiles you get $10 off of our Laser Cut Words and Graphics there are several to choose from. USE PROMO CODE: LETTER100 at check out to get this discount.

If you have questions or need help we are always here to help! You can email us anytime at or call us Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST